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1999 Kid's Choice Awards

Last night, we all sat in awe as we watched Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora, and Lil Mama (who gave an eerily spot-on performance of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) portray America’s favorite girl group in VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

And folks, it was epic.

Between dancing around in the living room during “Digging On You,” to reliving our favorite TLC ’90s moments (and reciting the gut-in-the-feeling monologue where Left Eye breaks down how the biggest selling female group in history could be broke), the story was full of familiarity, nostalgia, and even a few surprises.

Like, who ever remembers Chilli’s son being a baby? It’s like she just popped up with a full grown kid.

In any case, as with any highly anticipated awards show or movie, Twitter went cray. The TLC movie was just what we needed to still think the ’90s was 10 years ago (we’ve got to get it together people!) and, even if transient, hark on the good ol’ days before we were even able to understand the complexities of Dallas Austin and Chilli’s tumultuous non-union. Which brought up the question, which other stories would we like to see?

Enter the hashtag, #90sRnBBiopics. I’m telling you, Twitter gold.

Here are some of our favorites:

And here are some others that we’d like to see make it to the big screen:

“Come and Talk To Me” The Jodeci Story


Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see the casting for this (Michael B. Jordan for Devante Swing, please baby Jesus)? Plus the sex, the drama, the drugs and finally, K-Ci and Jojo’s mess of messes would make for one epic biopic. We’re just saying.

“What About Us?” Total

They rode with Bad Boy and then Puff Daddy and Missy, and we couldn’t get enough of Pam’s throaty voice on every rapper’s hook in the ’90s. But what about behind the scenes? Were Pam and Missy really dating? What about drama competing with the other hundred ’90s girl groups? We need to know. We just have to know.

“These Are The Times” The Story of Dru Hill & Sisqo’s Platinum Hair


Because. Just because.

 “Who Can I Run To” Xscape

It’s no secret…not all the members of Xscape are rockin’ with each other. And then there was that Kandi/Jermaine Dupri hook up that we totally need background on. Plus, we need everyone who isn’t hip, to know Tiny was the cutest little thing.

“What’s The 411?” The Mary J. Blige & K-Ci Love Affair

Oh, you didn’t know? Our favorite down R&B chick and the voice of Jodeci were once an item. A very tumultuous and bad for each other item. Their torrid love affair played out in front of the public and on stage, and although MJB has come out over the years to talk about her past, we need all the deets. Like allllllllll of them.

“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop:” The Story Of All Of Diddy’s R&B Acts


Because we’re missing Carl Thomas, Mario Winans, Total (see above), 112, and Loon (listen…rappers can be R&B thugs too).

“Bump Bump Bump” B2K (technically the early aughts, but hey, who’s checking)


Listen Chris Stokes, the truth will set you free.

SOURCE: Giphy, YouTube

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