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There’s no stopping Diddy’s constant day-one hustle.

Last night, Diddy continued his Revolt TV promotional rounds with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The entrepreneur chopped it up with the late night talk host about his future aspirations to be the first African American owner of an NFL team, how he relates to fellow cable network owner Oprah Winfrey, and weighs in on the infamous Kanye vs. Kimmel feud.

“I think there’s a huge elephant in the room,” Diddy joked. “Most of the NFL players are African American and all of the owners of the team are not African American. I think I’m the right man for the job. I can afford a team, let me in,” he continued.

Kimmel questioned the mogul about whether or not he asked Oprah for advice on owning a network and proceeded to pull out a picture of Diddy alongside Oprah and Kanye West. Although Diddy revealed he didn’t ask Oprah about owning a network, he playfully joked about sharing the same fears as she did.

And if you’re wondering which side Diddy was on during the Kanye/Kimmel feud, he hesitantly chose Kanye’s side, saying, I gotta rock with the artist.”

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