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Let’s take a moment to talk about the up and coming rapper.

We all know one, have seen one, been spammed by one, some of us even have one in our family. It’s a hard knock life trying to break into the game and no one really seems to know the best/easiest way how.

What they do know? Make a Twitter account, and maybe if I send everyone in the world my link, people are going to love my music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Fortunately, I’m here to help.

I get a ton of emails every single day of people asking me to listen to their music. Honestly, I try to listen to it all if I can get through the email.

So in an effort to help the aspiring rapper not come off like a struggle rapper, I want to give out a little bit of advice.

Because there’s rules to this shit, and we all gotta follow the rules if we want to play. So first!

If you see a popular blogger tweeting another popular blogger or rapper, music exec or radio personality, that is not your opportunity to send unsolicited links to your music. Don’t be spam on demand.

Spamming a million people a day doesn’t get people to click it. It makes us want to do this to your album cover:

OK! We’re not really into violence, so we’ll probably just block you.

Find a better way to get people’s attention. Start a conversation about something other than your rap music, because otherwise, you just seem thirsty.

If you’re going to send an email, be sober! Nothing is worse than unprofessional rapper emails. “Yo B! Chekk Out My joint It be the hottest on the streets! Smoking In The Rarri”

Stick to being solo! No one wants to hear you and all of your boys we’ve never heard of – most of whom aren’t as serious as you, and probably holler louder than Meek on the track.

Because under no circumstances does anyone listen to your track like…

Also, if you do get someone to listen to your music, be original. There is already a Jay Z, Drake and Gucci Mane. Be yourself.

Also, I must imagine that you’re in the studio like this…

And you think people are going to be all like this when they hear your song..

But really we’re all like this…

If you’re your own favorite rapper, you might as well never make music again.

Putting a bad hottie in your video will not get you extra views, posted on blogs, etc.

But at the end of the day, we are all rooting for a new hot rapper. We need a new and improved Jay Z, and we want one, but if we don’t hold our next favorite rapper to higher standards, what would the music industry be?

So starving artists… Here’s your chance. Impress us.