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Barneys has come under controversy after reports surfaced that 19-year-old Trayon Christian and 21-year-old Kayla Philipps revealed they were wrongly accosted by the NYPD in two separate incidents after buying high-end items at Barneys.

And now the spotlight is on Jay Z to drop his upcoming holiday collection from the store a sign that he is not for the alleged behavior of the store. But the mogul has yet to speak out about his stance. While reporters from the NY Daily News confronted him in Sweden asking him, “What do you think about what happened at this store … where you are going to put raincoats?” Jigga reportedly ducked his head and looked away while someone accompanying him said:

“He’s not allowed to answer any questions about that,”

And it seems Hov won’t be speaking on the controversy in the near future a rep later said:

“Jay Z maybe will give an answer when the collection is launched at Barneys,”

The launch is November 20th. NY Daily News also reports:

The well-fed star ran the gauntlet of paparazzi again on his way out, but his security team refused to let him see the cover of Friday’s Daily News when a reporter tried to show it to him. The front-page story detailed the mounting pressure for Jay Z, born Shawn Carter, to drop his deal with Barneys.

“Take that away, take that away,” the guards said, pushing past the cameras to take Jay Z back to his swank Grand Hotel, where suites go for $2,000 a night.

Knowing this guy he has a well calculated move to approach this or maybe not approach it all as he sometimes likes to do. Time will tell and we’ll be watching!

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