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LiLo, we love you and we are here if you need to talk (seriously though). Our super emo plea for Lindsay Lohan comes after recent reports that the actress is up to her old antics. Let’s admit it, LiLo has taken us all on a very bumpy ride, one that we honestly have seen time and time again.

Let’s briefly recap the Herbie: Fully Loaded star’s fall from grace. LiLo once had a promising career- as a former child star who wowed us in The Parent Trap, up until her life-changing role as a “plastic” in the cult-hit Mean Girls.

Lohan had it in with the right people (think Tina Fey) at the right time – and let’s face it, she was a certified banger. But in 2007, things started to go sour when the “Rumors” singer (yeah, we remember that song, and still love it) started partying hard and hanging with the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Fast forward: after multiple stints in rehab, DUI arrests, missed court appearances, bad press from directors, jail time and botched tanning jobs, the actress finally admitted to being an alcoholic and made new friends (think Oprah) who have given her a new chance (and $2 million) at salvaging her career.

So we here at GlobalGrind have decided to join the ranks by suggesting a few potential roles that have the unequivocal ability to put LiLo back on the map (for all the right reasons). Take a look at our list below and let us know what you think:

1. Grand Theft Auto (the movie):

No, this doesn’t exist yet, but we could seriously see LiLo playing the love interest of one of the game’s protagonists. Whether it be Michael, Trevor or Franklin, these criminals need a girl who knows the fast life and can keep speed. Despite the controversy surrounding the video game, people still can’t seem to get enough. The fifth installment already sold over a billion dollars worldwide and would be an automatic win for Lohan.

2. Mean Girls Gone Good:

Let’s face it, Mean Girls changed our lives. The original film catapulted LiLo into stardom and created a whole new way of life (and vocabulary) for millions of girls all over the world. How awesome would it be to see all the girls reunite and show us just how fetch life is after all the craziness? It would be the perfect opportunity for our girl to get her shine back.

3. The Farrah Abraham Biopic: 

Farrah Abraham, 22, went from Teen Mom star to porn star with a love for plastic surgery. She is known for raising eyebrows (and waxing them), so who else better than Lindsay to play the teen star? Both share a love for tanning and both have spent time in rehab. We think this is definitely a match made in TV heaven.

4. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof: 

Some of you might not be familiar with the 1958 classic that put Elizabeth Taylor on the map, and while LiLo played Ms. Taylor in the TV movie Liz & Dick, she might have more success playing “Maggie,” the wife of an alcoholic ex-football player. We could already see it now, have LiLo alongside someone like Channing Tatumand you have yourself a smash hit.

5. Tomb Raider Reloaded:

Before meeting Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie was married to a man named Billy Bob and had his name tattooed on her arm. They also would hit the red carpet carrying one other’s blood vials (weird, we know). Needless to say, Jolie has since moved on and created a whole new name for herself. Jolie is the perfect example of a bad girl gone good, so wouldn’t it be perfect for Lohan to take a page out of Angie’s book and play the amazing Lara Croft? The role brought Jolie the right amount mainstream media and would surely do the same for LiLo. Plus, we wanna see her in an action flick!

6. Octomom

From welfare frauds to X-rated films, Nadya Suleman is just a hot and crazy mess. The mother of eight sprung up on the scene and really held on to those 15 minute of fame. Still in all, we think Lohan could channel her inner-Octomom and totally nail this role. We are thinking Oscar here!

7. The Casey Anthony Story 

Hey, both seem to know how to dodge jail time….so why not?

We sure hope LiLo takes our advice into consideration.

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