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Uh oh!

Joey Bada$$ and TDE’s Ab-Soul found themselves in hot water with the police last night in St. Louis, Missouri. The two rappers just finished up a show on “The Smoker’s Club” tour, and found themselves in a precarious situation with the police.

It’s unclear as to why Joey and Ab were arrested, but according to MissInfo, the arrest may be marijuana-related. Despite being in handcuffs, Joey Bada$$ didn’t seem too fazed by his encounter with the police.

In fact, Joey is seen laughing in the video (which has now been removed) as he asks the police officer, “Have you figured out why we’re in these handcuffs? Have you figured it out?”

The details of the incident are still iffy at this point, but Joey’s publicist released a statement explaining that the 1990 rapper was detained, but not taken into custody.

Rapper Statik Skelektah has since tweeted:

SOURCE: MissInfo 

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