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Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies have announced an upcoming collaborative mixtape.

Maybach Music’s Rockie Fresh and the Cali-born emcee Casey Veggies recently spoke to MTV and discussed their forthcoming project.

“We were always able to make records together easy,” Rockie admits. “But now that we’re able to do it on the level that we at now, I think it’s gonna be something special on both parts.”

Although the rappers have yet to confirm a title for the mixtape, Casey did tease an appropriate name:

“That’s what everybody thinks ‘Fresh Veggies’. Ya’ll are gonna need that ‘Fresh Veggies’ just know that ya’ll are gonna need that. We’ll leave you with that title and we’ll see what we’ll do from there.”

Watch Rockie Fresh & Casey Veggies talk about their collaborative mixtape and more up top.