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It’s Halloween, that time of year where little kids go trick-or-treating, college kids go to parties, and people all over the world watch horror flicks.

With that said, we’d like to take this time to simply say: Freddy Krueger is the greatest of all time. Of All TIME! *Kanye West VOICE*

In fact, we have 11 great reasons why Freddy is the best horror villain ever. Check it out!

1. He pretty much wiped the floor with Jason. If it wasn’t for Nancy cutting off his head, he’d be the undisputed champ! 

2. He was sending text messages before texting was the thing to do.

3. He doesn’t give a fuh about these haters, long as his bitches love him. 

4. He killed people the illest way. 

5. Freddy was calling himself a god way before Kanye West. In fact, Yeezy swagger jacked him. 

6. Freddy had his own Destiny’s Child before Beyonce. When Freddy steps in the room, his background singers announce his presence. 

7. He was the first villain to go from “the windowwwww….to the wall!”

8. He originated the term, ‘what that mouth do?’

9. While Kanye West might be the new rock star, Freddy was the original rock star. 

10. Did we mention that he killed people in the trillest way? Oh, we did? Whatever, just ask Johnny Depp…

11. No, seriously! Nothing beats this. 


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