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Halloween is here once again!

That means it’s time to dress up, eat candy and watch as many scary movies as humanly possible. Sure, Halloween’s changed since we were kids….

We’re no longer hitting up every house in the neighborhood for sugary treats, but it’s still the best holiday of all time and we can prove it!

First of all, Halloween means free candy – and lots of it! 

That’s right, y’all. All diets are out the window for the day. We’ll just hit the gym extra hard tomorrow.

So chow down…

…but try not to over do it. Yuck!

There are seriously so many costumes to choose from, because October 31st is the one weekend you can be anything or anyone you want!

Forget the “sexy costume” haters..

On Halloween you can dress however sexy…

…or scary as you want…So go all out!

Not dressing up? That’s fine – scoping out other people’s costumes is half the fun.

Even your four-legged friends can get in on the Halloween action.

Plus, everyone knows there ain’t no party like a Halloween party!

Not going out? No worries – Halloween rules, even if you’re more of a homebody.

All the best movies are on during Halloween. Duh.


…Hocus Pocus…

…The Nightmare Before Christmas…


The Addams Family…

Just to name a few!

More of a horror buff? You’re in luck! All the best scary movies are on TV on Halloween.

Candy, costumes and movies aside, Halloween decor has all other holidays beat!

Who doesn’t love a good jack-o-lantern?

Even Mother Nature goes all out!

There you have it, folks! Definitive proof that Halloween is the best holiday of all time – don’t let anyone tell you different.

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