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A fraternity at the University of Michigan recently tried to throw a “Hood Ratchet Thursday” party that was said to be “World Star Hip Hop” themed, but of course students complained.

According to Gawker, the party prompted tons of complaints from students because of how racially offensive it was, which led to an investigation by school officials.

Black Student Union secretary said to the Michigan Daily:

“I love U of M and even today I’m fundamentally happy, but it’s scary to think that I sit in class with people who think this way and people that agree with them, people who legitimately thought this party was a good idea and was okay.”

The party was said to be for “bad bitches, white girls, basketball players, thugs and gangsters” and “ratchet pussy” on the invitations, which definitely ruffled some feathers amongst the diverse group of students.

Frat member and invite author Allen Wu,  throwing the party said that the bash was not to be racially insensitive, but to “celebrate” hip hop music. They are “disappointed” that people made it about race.

In an op-ed for The Daily, he says:

“I wish that we lived in an age where we as people could collectively celebrate the music that we consume without aggravating racial sensitivities. It pains me to see that ‘hip-hop parties’ are immediately cast under a racial lens, even if not so intended.”

While Wu did apologize for forgetting that ” it’s not always OK to emulate respected hip-hop artists” and that “racial sensitivity is no small issue,” he also somehow pointed the blame of stereotypes at media. He says:

 “people can, and will, negatively perceive Black culture because of media and social stereotypes.”

Do you guys think this party was racially insensitive?

SOURCE: Gawker| PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook