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A pregnant Texas woman who was stabbed in her own home while FaceTiming with her husband is finally speaking out after successfully giving birth to a baby girl.

Rachel Poole, 31, spoke from the hospital about recovering from a brutal attack by Corey Bernard, 19, while she was in the kitchen talking to her deployed soldier husband, Justin Pele Poole.

“I think the recovery is going pretty well, we have an amazingly strong daughter who is absolutely gorgeous,” Rachel said.

“It means the world, just being able to see her and know that, through everything, she’s doing just fine.”

Poole was forced to undergo a caesarean section to give birth to daughter Isabella at the University Medical Center in El Paso. Because of the high doses of medication given to Poole to help her stay alive after the attack, baby Isabella was rushed to the NICU shortly after birth. She has since recovered and will soon be moved out of the NICU. However, Poole has not been able to see her daughter.

“I haven’t personally gotten to see her yet, until I make my recovery I’m not going to be able to, but all the reports I have on her are really good,” she said.

And recovery might be a long road for Poole. She has been blinded in one eye after taking a stab to the head and may need eye socket reconstruction. She also suffered a collapsed lung and one of her vertebrae is out of place after the attack.

“I still haven’t talked to the eye doctor, I really want to wait for any confirmation, we’re very hopeful,” she said.

But right now, Rachel and husband Justin have been reading her messages of support, which have been flooding in from the public.

“Honestly it’s such an encouragement, just to see and hear the support that is being brought to my family right now, through everything, knowing that everyone’s really come to stand behind us right now is really helpful for any kind of recovery,” she said.

We’re praying for her speedy recovery.

As for the assailant, who allegedly owed Poole’s husband money, he was charged with criminal attempted capital murder and was held on $60,000 bond.

The bond has since been increased to $150,000.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Poole Family

Pregnant Woman Stabbed In Attack While On FaceTime With Soldier Husband (PHOTOS)
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