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Ariana Grande is lashing back at Hollywood!

While she might be one of the cutest girls in the industry, she certainly has a lot to say in defense of her friends.

The Victorious star recently sat down to talk about the negativity surrounding Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, and said that she thinks it’s really ridiculous.

She told the interviewer:

“She’s an adult. She can do whatever the hell she wants, honestly. And she looks amazing. Like, she looks gorgeous. She looks stunning — and she’s having so much fun. If her choices aren’t for you, don’t look at it. Move on. Talk about something else. Worry about bettering your life, not hers.”

And on Bieber she says:

“He can do whatever he wants. He’s doing the same thing as every other boy in the world right now. He’s just under a microscope and he’s being scrutinized by people who don’t know him. I know him and he’s a good person.”

It’s so sweet that Miley and Justin have a friend like Ariana to look out for them! Do you guys think she has a point?

Check out the interview above!

SOURCE: Celebrity-gossip

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