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Jennifer Lawrence is at the end of the road for the promo and red carpets for her new film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but is she also at the end of her wits?

The actress and her new pixie cut apparently pretended to have a meltdown as she walked the red carpet at the NYC premiere of her new movie.

In a Youtube video, the 23-year-old is seen posing with her co-stars while a slew of paparazzi yell ‘We need a window!’ and ‘If you’re not talent, move!’ By the time J.Law got to the end of the carpet she went off!

But it looks like it was all just jokes, as she Elizabeth Banks and Jena Malone all burst into laughter.

It’s no secret this girl has a huge sense of humor and doesn’t take pretty much anything too seriously. Gotta love it!

Check out her pretend meltdown in the video above.


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