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The finish to the 2013 Iron Bowl was well… EPIC!

Viewers across the country were left with there jaws on the ground as the Auburn Tigers returned Alabama’s missed field goal for a touchdown on final play making for a 34-28 win sending the team to the SEC Championship Game

Huffington Post described it as:

With just one second remaining in the fourth quarter of the latest edition of the annual rivalry game between Alabama and Auburn, the score was deadlocked 28-28. Following an official review that put that last season-altering second on the clock, No. 1 Alabama lined up for a potential game-winning field goal try at the 38-yard line of No. 4 Auburn. The 57-yard attempt from back-up kicker Adam Griffith fell short and dropped into the arms of Auburn’s Chris Davis near the back of the end zone.

With no time left on the clock, Davis brought the ball out of the end zone and veered to his left. Weaving through a crowd of defenders more accustomed to protecting kickers rather than chasing down kick returners, the fleet-footed wide receiver ran along the home sideline and cruised the length of the field for the stunning game-winning score.

But the footage is way more intense and exciting to watch!

SOURCE: Huff Post