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We’ve seen it enough times, Drake’s picture affixed to some “inspirational” message on an Instagram quote he may or may not have spoken.

But when it comes to Pharrell Williams, that man is chock-fulla inspiration. If you follow the producer slash rapper slash designer slash all around amazing Mr. Williams on any social media platform, seeing an eloquently worded motivational tweet from him is the norm. So what he’s about to say shouldn’t surprise you…

Complex tapped Pharrell for their final cover story of the year in what they are calling his most revealing interview to date. While Pharrell does talk about everything from Miley Cyrus to his love for fashion and the like, the Virginia native reveals something else: he is pretty damn quotable.

In honor of the memes we know will come, here are some of the most meme-worthy quotes from Pharrell’s Complex cover story.

On reinventing himself constantly: 

“I’m living in the moment. I’m dancing in that light. Because I know that at some point, either the light burns out or the projector stops turning. So, is there a method? That’s my method. My method is to know I can’t control everything. I can’t make everybody like me. And there’s a small bunch of people that fuck with me, right? So, I’m cool with my soldiers.”

On his personal thoughts on animal activists: 

“I think the humanitarian in me always tries to rise to the occasion of how I can better myself. I try to see positivity in other people’s negativity. It’s one thing to be upset, and it’s another to be mean and evil-spirited.”

When asked “How do you create different visions for different people:”

“I go off the personality and what’s there. You just get a feeling, something comes to you. It’s like conversation. That’s really what it is. It’s an exchange of conversation. It’s just that it’s chords instead of sentences. Sometimes there are words instead of conversations.”

On the importance of a woman’s opinion (when it comes to fashion): 

“On a practical level, where do we all come from? Every living Human being, regardless of what their orientation is or what they are into, we all come here via the conduit of a woman’s body. And a woman’s decision. You know what I’m saying?”

On people who judge others:

“I especially don’t like people who judge because those people who sit around like they’re purists on every level, I’m sure you can find a sin there somewhere. Don’t point the finger.”

Head over to Complex to read the entire cover story; we’re sure you’ll find a few more gems.

SOURCE: Complex

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