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Looking for new ways to spice up your dating life this winter season? Whether you’re trying to impress someone new or rekindle the flame in your current relationship, below we have listed our top five date ideas that will ensure you keep things hot all season long.


Nothing is more exciting than seeing something LIVE! Even if your potential partner/significant other is not into sports, there’s something about the energy at a sporting event with screaming fans and adrenaline rushing all through the stadium that’s contagious. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece for a nice dinner to follow and can become a bonding experience shared moving forward.


You may not know how to glide gracefully on an ice-skating rink, but putting in the effort shows your spontaneity to try something different, plus gives you a chance to get close to your date by holding on to each other as you both maintain your balance. If you are a skilled skater, it’s a great way to connect with your partner and build trust as you bond on the rink.


For those hopeless romantics…the horse and carriage ride is not an outdated romantic notion, they still do exist and are a perfect way to score points if you’re willing to go above and beyond to set the right ambiance. Depending on where you live this option is more easily accessible than others, but if you are willing to go this route, pack some hot chocolate in a thermos and bring blankets to cozy up under as you both get an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful ride and most importantly, each other.


Who says you can’t have fun at home? For those couples looking to get a little more intimate, you can set up the perfect ambiance at home with a home cooked meal, wine, movies, music, etc. Staying indoors creates a more relaxed and less pressured atmosphere and also gives you the perfect opportunity to really get to know one another and get close without distractions.


What sounds better than heading to the spa with your special someone to warm up in a sauna or Jacuzzi? For those that like to indulge in something a little more extravagant, booking a couple’s hot stone massage is not only a sexy bonding experience, but a great way to get rid of any stress or anxiety you brought into the date…following the massage you both are in a great mood, relaxed and really in the mood to connect even closer.

By Elizabette Quezada for LifeStyleHer

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