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Instagram might be fun and games…until it gets you arrested.

A man from Florida is currently facing a total of 142 charges in connection with a series of “dinner time” robberies at local senior community homes.

According to WPTV, Depree Johnson led authorities to search his home after he posted controversial pictures to his Instagram page, posing with a gun.

When they went to the home, the Sheriff’s Office found tons of jewlery and over $250,000 worth of loot, which led to him being arrested for possession of weapons/ammunition by a convicted felon.

The site reports:

On Thursday, detectives executed a warrant on Johnson’s Lake Worth home and recovered numerous pieces of jewelry, including watches, charms, necklaces, loose diamonds and two stolen firearms.

It’s been reported that over 55 community homes have had break-ins and property stolen, and authorities encourage anyone in the Palm Beach area to bring more details on the case.

These social media platforms are doing as good a job as any to expose these criminals!