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Forget a gun or a baton. One Wilmington, N.C. officer decided to let his police dog do all of his dirty work.

K-9 officer Stafford Brister was caught on his dash cam lifting the police dog into suspect Johnnie Williams’ car window in October, even after the man had surrendered. Williams had been pulled over for blowing through a DWI checkpoint. According to ABC, police were finally able to get Williams to stop by crashing into his vehicle. After the chase ended, dash cam video shows Williams with his hands up as police approached his vehicle.

That’s when Brister lifted the dog into the car window. The dog attacked Williams, leaving him with injuries to his face and shoulder.

New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David, concerned that Brister’s actions were excessive, said he wanted to put this case in front of the jury and see if the officer should be charged with assault inflicting serious injury.

“This one I regarded as close enough where the community should be involved,” David said.

But on Monday, a grand jury cleared Brister of criminal wrongdoing in the animal attack.

Jurors watched the video several times in court and sided with Brister, who is on administrative leave.

Police won’t comment on the incident, pending an internal investigation. Police did tell ABC News that they had to chase Williams for miles through downtown and into the northern region of the county.

As for Williams, he’s currently behind bars and will appear in court come January.