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This morning was like every other morning in the Xilla household, except today I didn’t wake up half drunk wondering where the hell my phone was!

This morning I woke up sober, turned on my television, and headed into the bathroom to freshen up. Once I got back to my room, I noticed the folks at Good Day New York talking about a Gilligan’s Island remake. Then they started talking about how Kim Kardashian waxes her daughter’s eyebrows. This topic was so important that they thought it would be a great idea to ask their viewers what they thought about Kim waxing her child’s baby brow.

Reporting like this leads to messages like these:

“Blame these lame journalists who r too busy writing abt kim kardashian’s a$$ they don’t write abt real stuff.”

“Why TF is the Huffington Post writing articles about Kim Kardashian wearing spandex while shopping for groceries, that’s journalism?”

Dear America, I am here to tell you something: you need Kim Kardashian updates because they make the world a better place. Imagine a world without Kim Kardashian, imagine not knowing that the best rapper in the world bought her a 15 karat diamond ring?

Whose butt would we drool over?

Imagine if you didn’t have Kim to get angry at for naming her child North, or for selling her luxury clothes and ONLY giving 10 percent of the profits to charity.

Who else would you bicker about? Whose relationship would you compare to your own, only to get upset and wonder how this gold digger got another rich man?

She is not one of those good women like our friend who is struggling to find a good guy on her level and refuses to date the fry cook struggling in a raggedy station wagon on his way through night classes.

Yes America, Kim is nothing like our friends. But she’s still good for us.

We need Kim to hate – that’s why she makes all this damn money. She is stronger than all of us, in fact, the Kardashians are stronger than John Cena walking out of Balco with Barry Bonds.

Would you be able to deal with everyone throwing an old sexual encounter in your face whenever you tweet?

Probably not, and I am willing to bet if we compare your hookup or ex lover to Ray J, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, or Miles Austin, your ex-lover would lose!

So go ahead and continue to hate Kim. She knows she lives in a glass house. But we can’t stop covering her, Kim is our release.

If you want real news, it’s available for you to click it.

You can choose to get angry about the children dying due to a senseless war in Sudan, or all the fuck shit that happens in Florida, or the sickos who use their money to sleep with underage girls.

But if you want to keep complaining about Kim Kardashian, it’s your choice.

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