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Rihanna christmas nails

‘Tis the season to be good, but badasses like Rihanna know how to get old Saint Nick to put them on his Christmas list – even though they’ve actually been naughty all year ’round.

Rihanna Santa Claus Instagram

Just like you, we couldn’t escape RiRi’s consistent nudity on Instagram, Yonce’s sudden surfboard action, or the fact that Miley Cyrus tooted that thang all up on Paula Patton’s hubby while wearing barely nothing at all in front of the entire nation.

Yes, it’s been quite the year for these ladies.

Kim K. grew some Yeezy-sized cojones this year and topped it off with a backside selfie we’ll never forget, 19-year-old Courtney Stodden dumped her doting hubby and more than doubled her breast size, and Nicki Minaj joined Instagram this year and let’s just say: we’ll never forget it.

Check out the 8 Naughtiest Women of the Year in the gallery below, and be careful not to let them rub off on you, because Santa’s watching.


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