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Remember planking? Well, it looks like the newest photo craze has hit the net, and planking looks pretty pathetic compared to it.

This week, Twitter users decided to welcome in 2014 with the trends #SelfieOlympics and #And1selfieleague which involves taking a selfie picture with the most extreme scenario around it.

Some of these might shock you, and some of them might make you fall out of your chair laughing, but either way, it’s pretty impressive!

Even Big Sean decided to join the new competition, as he took an epic selfie with his vintage video game in his bathroom!

From using magic tricks to float in mid-air, to bringing full canoes into the bathroom, it looks like this is one trend that will hit the history books.

Check out some of the most ridiculous #selfieolympics photos below!


Twitter Users Show Off Their Best Selfie Game For The #SelfieOlympics (PHOTOS)
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