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Oh Coinye!

It’s no secret Kanye West is involved in a legal battle with the creators of “Coinye West” – a digital currency bitcoin.

The name Coinye West is creatively brilliant, but unfortunately, the programmers behind the new bitcoin are using Kanye’s brand and likeness to promote the new product.

Despite Ye’s legal battle with Coinye West creators, this isn’t the first time Kanye has been transformed into an animated cartoon. Amid all Coinye controversy, we rounded up 15 pictures of Kanye West as an animated figured.

From his own creation of the “Drop Out Bear” to the South Park’s controversial “Gay Fish” animation of Kanye, we rounded up all of Kanye’s best moments…as a cartoon.

Check out Coinye and the other Kanye cartoons in the gallery below.

15 Animated Pics Of Kanye West (PHOTOS)
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