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A wise man named Drake once eloquently described the cold front, also known at the Polar Vortex, currently dominating North America’s livelihood, with one powerful word in an Instagram caption, “Brick.” And he was pretty damn accurate.

With windchill in the negative degrees, frost bite is imminent if one isn’t hip to the game of covering your skin the heck up. But forget all that knitted scarf business, thanks to Drake and Rihanna, we’ve been introduced to a fashionable way to stay warm: Flandanas. Yep, that word is a hybrid between flannel and bandanna and it accurately describes the product made by Haley Wollens, Drake’s stylist and her sibling Beau.

The fleece lined bandanas will run you about $32 and will save that little face of yours from jack frost who is eager to nip at your nose. Choose from one of 6 colors here. 

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