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The family of California teenager Jahi McMath can breathe a little easier now that she is “finally healing.

The 13-year-old, who was declared brain-dead last month after a routine tonsil surgery, has finally been fitted with breathing and feeding tubes — a procedure Children’s Hospital Oakland refused to do because she was considered “deceased.”

Now, according to Jahi’s mother, the real healing can begin. The procedure means that Nailah Winkfield can kiss her daughter without a ventilator tube being in the way.

Her mother posted: “Jahi had surgery this morning and it was successful!! Now I can kiss her lips without that damn tube in the way and now she can get nutrition!! Thank you Lord! My child will heal. I believe it.”

Jahi’s sister added that she will be “finally receiving nutrition” for the first time since December 8.

“We are praying for a strong recovery,” she wrote.

A spokesman for family said: “Doctors are optimistic that her condition has stabilized and that her health is improving from when she was taken from Children’s Hospital Oakland.”

The family successfully won a court order preventing the hospital from turning off her life support. They then organized for Jahi to be removed to a secret facility in order to receive long-term care.

As always, our prayers are with Jahi’s family.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO SOURCE: Instagram