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Aside from dropping a monumental album in the dark of night, Beyonce has another baby she’s ready to drop: her newest fragrance, Rise. And while we were initially excited about the release based solely on the name, we now also have a visual to hold us over until the release.

The first promo photo from the campaign features Beyonce’s locks mid-golden hair flip with all the glitter we already suspect inhabits her scalp being released into the frame. Simple, and fab.

Much like Bey, the fragrance is about “female empowerment and finding the inner strength that makes women so beautiful.” And the best part of everything is that the fragrance is said to be inspired by Bey’s favorite Maya Angelou poem “Still I Rise.”

The singer’s first fragrance, Heat, broke a Macy’s record with $75,000 in sales in one day. Altogether, her fragrance business has generated $400 million in retail sales and the latest release, Rise, could hit $25 million in its first year.

Rise is set to hit counters at the beginning of February. Will you be buying?

PHOTO CREDIT: Beyonce Lite

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