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A Miami club dancer and two others have been arrested after police discovered that a 13-year-old girl going by the name of Peaches was made to dance at the fully nude establishment.

The girl, identified only as D.J., was also forced into prostitution.

Now, Club Madonna dancer Marlene San Vincente, 22, Vilbert Jean, 36, and DeWayne Ward, 18, all of Miami, are being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, lewd and lascivious conduct on a person less than 16 and delivering a controlled substance to a person under 18.

D.J. reportedly ran away from her home on December 10, Local 10 reports. She crossed paths with Jean, San Vicente, and Ward, who allegedly forced her to have sex with a man for $80 and took the cash. She told investigators she was plied with marijuana and alcohol by the trio, who displayed their guns and threatened her.

When D.J. refused to continue prostituting herself, the trio allegedly forced her to perform at the strip club, where she was taken and coached by San Vicente, a regular performer. The Miami Herald reports no one at the club has been arrested, though investigators conducted a search Tuesday, looking through hard drives and surveillance video.

Attorney for Club Madonna, Richard Wolfe, told the Miami Herald that they had no record of “D.J.” at the establishment.

“We have no payroll record of her working. All the other girls signed contracts. We have no contract from this girl.”

However, the owner of the club, Leroy Griffith, said he heard that the girl had performed, suggesting that she must have walked in with San Vicente and circumvented management.

Victim shaming, much?

“I feel bad about it,” said Griffith. “The management, we’re having meetings about it right now.”

The girl’s mother located her on Monday and called the police. Griffith said he is fully cooperating with police.

SOURCE: Huff Post, Miami Herald | PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab