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The world can’t get enough of Outkast, so it comes as no surprise that MTV dug deep in their vault to find a 15-year-old video of Outkast freestyling a poem in the studio.

While Andre mans the boards, Big Boi begins to freestyle a pretty comedic poem:

“Maybe if you’re nice I might let you stay for breakfast. Nah, not breakfast. How about a late dinner?  You cook, I’ll supply the meat. And when you come over to the house, you know I’m going to skeet (laughs). That’s my soliloquy. ”

Obviously, the poem isn’t thought-provoking, but it’s funny as hell.

If you’re unable to catch Outkast’s initial reunion at Coachella Music Festival, you’re still in luck. The hip-hop duo will perform at over 40 music festivals this year.

Watch the hilarious freestyle video up top.


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