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The 7 words at the end of this sentence are indisputable fact: 2014 is the year of Lupita Nyong’o. And the next 13 photos we’ve pulled from her Instagram are proof that she’s more than just this season’s remarkably well-dressed obsession.

All eyes have been on the Kenyan beauty since her breakout role in 12 Years A Slave, and now all eyes are moving from her acting skills to her personal life, and what better way to get a glimpse of that than with social media?

After a few days of following Lupita on Instagram, we’ve come to the indisputable conclusion that you need to be doing the same. From behind the scenes looks at how the most buzzed about girl in Hollywood gets ready for award shows to her mani-pics, we’re just a little obsessed with Lupita on Instagram. And here are 13 reasons you should be too.

1. She reenacted a scene from Beyonce’s “Mine” music video.

OK, maybe not quite. But close enough, right?

2. She makes pretty funny jokes about skin care. The caption on this one was “Moisturize! #beautytips #WinterTroubles #Lotion”

3. She loves nail art and polishes just like the rest of us gals. And with Deborah Lippman as her right hand girl, she has a pretty impressive collection.

4. Uh, and her mani photos are just a thing of perfection, with the accessories of a goddess to match.

5. Much like Beyonce, she handwrites notes on personalized stationary. And that penmanship? All ***Flawless.

6. Do we need a caption for this other than “Idris Elba?” I’ll follow anyone who’s posting photos of this beauty.

7. Oh, and Jared Leto makes a hearty share of appearances on her Instagram…and his blue eyes will hypnotize you into clicking that green follow button.

8. She plays checklist photo games at awards shows. One of the missions: Hug Lena Dunham. Done.

9. And shegotthisclose to Kerry Washington’s baby bump.

10. But being an Olivia fan didn’t stop her from recognizing the great woman that is the First Lady of Scandal: Milly…and her cleavage.

11. She appreciates it when fans make her into a version of Cinderella. 

12. Leonardo DiCaprio and his tiny bow tie are on her Instagram.

13. Because these handwritten notes really are beautiful, even when the penmanship doesn’t match the other letters.

What you waiting for? Follow Lupita for more during award season. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

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