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It’s amazing: we thought we knew everything there was to know about Jay Z’s classic debut album, Reasonable Doubt.

We were wrong.

Earlier today, the homies at 2DopeBoyz posted an early version of the Reasonable Doubt tracklist. They got the picture from the album’s art director, Adrien Vargas:

So what stands out about this? A couple of things. First of all, there are three new songs that either people never heard or had their title changed — “The Hurt,” “Tell Me” and “Hot.”

Second, the order is all fucked up, with singles from the album (“Dead Presidents II” was the LP’s first single) setting things off.

Here’s the final tracklist that we all know and love:

Head to 2DopeBoyz to see the full write-up from Paul Thompson. It’s a pretty good read.

And Hov: release those songs, dude!

SOURCE: 2DopeBoyz 

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