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Russell has spoken.

Yesterday, our bossman Russell Simmons participated in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) forum. The founder of Def Jam was asked a plethora of questions regarding music, and of course, Sunday night’s polarizing Grammy Awards came up in the discussion.

When Russell was asked about Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy snub, he stated:

“Kendrick is absolutely a better rapper, and Macklemore had one of the most inspiring, socially conscious songs of the year and that is what did well for him. Macklemore’s a great rapper, but there is no evidence anywhere that he’s a better artist than Lamar.”

As the Q&A continued, Russell also made reference to Macklemore’s socially progressive track “Same Love” and its impact on society.

“Kendrick is the better rapper no doubt, but Macklemore had the power of an important social message,” he continued. 

What do you think?


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