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If there is any unspoken rule when it comes to hair, it’s this one — don’t touch it unless you have permission.

But a Detroit police officer who didn’t get the memo is now out of work after she decided to slice the weave out of the head of a young mother the police had arrested moments earlier.

More shockingly, Chardra Gregory’s lawyer maintains that Officer Bernadette Najor had no reason to restrain the 22-year-old, cut the weave out and injure her in the process. At many jails, prisoners are required to remove hair extension clips because they could be used as weapons, but in this case, Gregory’s hair was sewed into braids on her head.

“I was confused.  I didn’t know what happened and what was going on,” said Gregory.

In the video, you can actually see Gregory kicking in the restraining chair in obvious pain as Najor plunges the scissors in her hair. In the end, Gregory was left with multiple bald spots as the incident ripped some of her own hair out from the root.

So why did Najor decide to cut Gregory’s hair, even if it didn’t present a hazard? According to WXYZ:

Gregory says on November 13, she went to a party in Detroit, where she believes someone drugged her. Paul Misukewicz is her lawyer:

“She had a couple of drinks, then woke up in a strange place.  Didn’t know how she got there, completely disoriented, said Paul Misukewicz, Gregory’s lawyer.

That strange place was the Suez Motel on 8 Mile in Warren, where Gregory got arrested for trashing a room.

By the time she was brought in to the jail lock-up on the top floor of the Warren Police Department, Gregory had been pepper sprayed, but she appears calm.

It’s clear in the video that Gregory can barely stand as she comes face to face with Officer Bernadette Najor.

“She took it upon herself to get the scissors.  And for whatever reason, decided that she was going to butcher my client,” said Misukewicz.

This isn’t the first time Najor has been in trouble. In 2010, she was suspended for 10 days for being untruthful. This latest incident got her fired, but the other officers who were present during Najor’s haircutting are still under investigation and facing possible discipline.

All criminal charges against Gregory were dropped, but it doesn’t take away the traumatic experience.

She’s a very horrible person,” said Gregory about Officer Najor.

“No words can describe how I feel about that right now.  I’d rather not say exactly how I feel about that, I’m just very upset,” said Yolanda Ford, Gregory’s mother.

As the son of a retired Warren police officer, Misukewicz says he’s never seen anything like this.

“I guess the best way to describe it would be sadistic. There’s absolutely no reason for it.  And it’s demeaning,” said Misukewicz.

Watch the shocking video above.


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