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Jay-Z at the 55th Annual GRAMMYs

Every time I see a picture of Jay Z talking to his friends, it reminds me of those old pictures of Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Dean Martin sipping Scotch, living life to the fullest and smoking cigarettes like they wouldn’t give you cancer. You know, those cool ass candid pictures that are so smooth, they look posed?

Pictures like this, that and this one right here.

Spoiler alert: This is a “Stan” post. Jay Z’s the man and we rarely catch him in an awkward moment. Sure, there was that one time in the South of France, but he was still in the South of France learning to swim, and we were laughing at him from the comfort of our 75 square foot New York apartment building.

I would love to talk to Hov, because everyone he chats with seems so enthralled. Hanging out with Jigga looks engaging and even when he’s chilling, you could practically use the flick to sell any product. After all, when you’re the king, everything you do should be royal.

Check out these 33 cool ass candid pictures of Jay Z that look completely staged.


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