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Super Bowl weekend in NYC is nothing short of impressive. We shouldn’t do it every year, but why not this year. Traffics jams and party jams in Gotham is nothing new. It’s everyday actually but the Super Bowl is cool. NBA AllStar 2015 in NYC will be epic…

This new IAMSU Only That Real was no doubt one of the hottest tracks  bubbling on the west coast during Grammy Weekend. Its complete with 2 sixteens from 2 Chainz and Sage The Gemini. The beat though courtesy of The Invasion is what makes this must hear music The west coast continues the heatwave in the dead of winter…

“DJ Mustard on the beat hoe!” has become standard issue on the radio and in the clubs. Mustard’s latest production talents can be heard on YG’snew track Who Do You Love. It features Drake and will definitely be anthem status by the time the time the spring heat up. Can YG be one of the missing pieces to the puzzle called Def Jam?

Nipssey Hussle new joint with K Camp called Between Us is something to watch. His Crenshaw mixtape was definitely one the Top 3 Most Influential Mixtapes of 2013 list, if one exist. This new shit, Between Us, continues Nips dominance campaign and sets him up for 2014.

I wish Jhene Aiko was in my recording booth right now. Her voice is as angelic as hallelujah. A friend of mind slipped her latest single Everything Must Go (Alternate Version) in my inbox. If you aren’t familiar with her, “buy” now, you are most definitely not too cool and maybe need to get out more. Aiko’s debut album is going to be classic.

Not too many groups have the longevity of Havoc and Prodigy. They’ve made classics together as Mobb Deep and made classics as solo artists. They’ve toured the world, wrote books, made beef records, beefed with each other, beefed with others….standard hip hop shit if your an artist from ‘the real era’ of 90’s hip hop. Their latest Taking You Off Here is another classic Mobb scripture. Stay tuned for The Infamous Mobb Deep LP…

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