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One of the biggest drug busts ever just occurred in Baltimore as a big time drug dealer in the city was sentenced to 25 years in prison for shipping over a ton of cocaine!

44-year-old Garnett Gilbert Smith was just sentenced after it was discovered that he transported the heavy amount of drugs from California to Maryland between 2010 to 2011 in just 18 months.

According to CBS, Smith got caught when one of his shipments was intercepted by Arkansas police, where they found $2.3 million in cash.

The site reports:

Investigators eventually followed the money to purchases like a condo in Beverly Hills, $1 million in jewelry and top end luxury cars, a common way dealers launder money… “Because drug dealers generate significant amounts of cash, they need to find ways to spend that cash,” Rosenstein said. Rosenstein said that helped lead to Smith’s downfall, and that crime only paid for awhile.

When police searched his home, they also found $700,000 hidden away, along with the same amount in clothing. Authorities also revealed that they believe Smith was making around $8,000 for every kilo of cocaine he moved.

Let this be a lesson to all in the world of drugs. It’s not worth it!


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