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Today marks World Wetlands Day. The Green holiday dates back to 1971, after the adoption of the Convention of the Wetlands.The signing –  called Ramasar Convention –  took place in Ramsar, Iran on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

More than 98 countries participate in Wetlands Day by volunteering to clean lakes, shores, and raise awareness on the importance of wetlands and their benefits to the environment. If you’re feeling  removed from the holiday, check out these fun facts on one of the greenest holidays around. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to add this to your Green Initiative.

1. On top of it being the best year of television and music, World Wetlands Day became a national holiday in 1997.

2. Wetlands are areas that are saturated with water, including swamps, marshes, and bogs.

3. Fish are more dependent on the wetland ecosystem than they are on any other habitat.

4. Snapping turtles and countless species of frogs often live in wetland areas.

5. Plankton and wetlands go hand in hand. Plankton are responsible for primary production in the creation of photosynthesis to make food. Without these microscopic algae, the ecosystem would be in tangles.  

6. If you’re unable to help with actual wetlands, you can go camping which is a perfect break away from technology. You’re going green without even trying.

7. Each year there’s a different international theme. 2014 marks the year of “Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners For Growth.”  Learn more here.

8. For kicks, walk around with duckweed. It’s the unofficial symbol of the holiday.

9. Australia is WWD’s biggest supporter. It has 65 wetlands on the Ramsar List, covering 8.3 million hectares. They work hard to spread awareness of  clean Wetlands. 

10. The BP oil spill, along with several others, have negatively effected the wetlands. With thousands of gallons of oil spilling into wetlands, we harm the animals, food, and the overall safety of our planet. 

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