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Terry Richardson was behind the lens of his camera before Kanye West was behind the mic in the studio. And what better way to remind the masses just how long he’s been a relevant photographer than by posting some photos from his archived past?

In his most recent website update, Terry shared photos of Kanye, Jay Z and Pharrell from 2005. Kanye is wearing a pretty demure gray suit (and is actually using a cell phone). Pharrell is, of course, looking ageless and completely clad in Ice Cream, and Jigga is in a suit, telling of the times, showing off the very Roc-A-Fella chain that he recently passed down to J. Cole.

And a bonus? Rosie Perez, who was doing the right thing in this low cut black dress circa 2005 as well.

Now that you feel old as dirt, think about where your life was 9 years ago versus today. Inspired? You should be.

PHOTO CREDIT: Terry’s Diary