The Daily Grind Video

Since “Versace” dropped last year, a lot of rappers have been playing around with Migos‘ flow. And now the three rappers are sick of it.

They dropped a new song called “Just Wait On It,” which was produced by longtime collaborator Zaytoven. Over Zay’s spacey beat, Migos member Quavo raps: We know you stealing the f*ckin’ flow. It’s OK ’cause you know I got the antidote.”

The song is probably going to be on the group’s latest mixtape, No Label 2, which drops on February 25th. The rappers’ grind has been extra crazy in 2014: just a couple of days ago, Migos dropped a collaboration mixtape with a bunch of upcoming Southern artists, like Losie, Jose Guapo, Rich The Kid and more.

Give “Just Wait On It” a listen below.