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It’s OK Gladiators, we know you’ve been doing a countdown in your head until Scandal returns since that fateful day in December when Shonda Rhimes gave you minor heart palpitations during the mid-season finale. You’re probably freaking out even more, since they released a teaser trailer via Instagram this past week.

So here are eight ways to get through these next two weeks until Scandal is back on February 27th. Or as Olivia Pope would say: “It’s handled.”

1. Re-watch your favorite Olivia lip-quiver cries, snarky Mellie quips, and of course, steamy Olitz moments, all with the power of the clip. Hijacking your sister’s Netflix or Hulu account Huck-style is acceptable because well, it’s necessary.

2. Get in on the Twitter action. While the Twitter-Scandal world is definitely at its prime while the show is actually on, Gladiators still spend the show’s downtime gossiping about potential spoilers, re-living favorite moments, and even engaging in some good ol’ fanfic. Tracks hashtags #AskScandal, #Gladiators, and #ABCScandal to see for yourself.

3. Befriend a homeless person and buy them a burger. They may become your best sidekick whenever you find yourself in deep crap.

4. Remember its stars do exist off Scandal. Watch Kerry Washington back when she rocked short curls and a Southside Chicago accent in Save the Last Dance, or Guillermo Diaz play one of Dave Chappelle’s stoner friends in Half Baked. Or watch Jeff Perry (Cyrus), Kate Burton (VP Sally Langston), and Scott Foley (Jake Ballard) play polar opposite roles on Shonda Rhimes’ other drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

5. Follow the cast on social media. The entire Scandal cast is known to post adorable-behind the scenes photos like the one above and even drop some hints as to what’s happening on the show.

6. On Valentine’s Day, call your boyfriend or girlfriend and tell them a la Pope-style: “If you want me, earn me!” They might just buy you a mansion in the mountains.

7. Have an Olivia Pope moment. Put on an all-white outfit straight out of Ann Taylor (white hat optional) and head over to the wine shop. Treat yo’ self and get the biggest red wine bottle you can find and when you pay the clerk, give your best Olivia scowl with no hesitation. Don’t forget an oversized wine glass to put said wine in.

8. Get your Cyrus Beene on and tweet at someone Twitter famous as if you were him. Some classic Cy lines like, “You had a choice James!” or “I’ve moved Heaven and Earth to save you from yourselves!” will be sure to have them freaked out – in a good way. 

And there you have it. When you make it to February 27th, be sure to give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back, or maybe just another glass of wine.

PHOTO CREDIT: ABC, Giphy, Instagram 

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