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Professionals might not be able to help Justin Bieber snap out of his bad behavior, but Jay Z and Beyonce just might.

The Believe singer recently partied it up all weekend in NYC for the Super Bowl, and while he caused quite a ruckus at most clubs, there was one party he stayed tame for.

While turning up at GoldBar, Justin Bieber was not on his worst behavior (rememba?) like usual, and it was most likely because he was in the presence of both Jay Z and Beyonce.

A source recently revealed to Us Weekly:

“Justin behaved a lot better that night!”

It had to have been something about the aura of Bey and Hov, since he did continue on in the weekend to make a scene at other parties where he would skateboard, go shirtless, and have security pick up women for him.

A source also revealed:

Justin “pointed to girls he liked, and his security would shine flashlights at them so they’d come over,” a witness tells Us. Another onlooker says he left with “a gaggle of girls.”

Remember the days when Justin seemed so innocent? Well, we may have been a bit misled even back then by the future of the Biebs, since TMZ recently discovered a song he did at age 14, rapping about his penis.

He threw a quick freestyle over Asher Roth’s “Cannon,” dropping hints like:

“Hey my young, wanna have some fun? You can play with my cannon.”

Apparently, he wanted a rap career all along, but his manager Scooter discouraged him from it, and led him towards pop music.

Jeez! This kid has always had it in him to cause a stir.

Check out the freestyle over at TMZ

SOURCE: TMZ/Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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