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Good news for those who can’t get enough of watching disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

You don’t have to wait until someone takes a cell phone video of the crack-smoking politician speaking Patois in a fast food restaurant to get your fix.

Ford, along with his brother Doug, is unveiling the Mayor’s new YouTube show, Ford Nation, next week. But the above 30-second teaser is enough to make us watch the show.

In the preview clip, the portly politician begins with a sarcastic dig at his equally hefty brother, Doug, about his weight and favorite food.

“Hold on, that’s the pot calling the kettle black,” Doug says, smirking.

But he’s not all jokes and food analogies. Ford is serious about his political duties and wants us to know it.

“Please judge me for my record, not my personal life.”

We’ll just judge you by this show. Plan on tuning in? Sound off below…

SOURCE: Mashable, YouTube