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This week during the Michael Dunn murder trial, defense attorney Cory Strolla brought forth a handful of character witnesses on Dunn’s behalf who testified that the software developer had a “calm demeanor.”

During a Friday afternoon press conference, Strolla also revealed that his client has never been enraged or accused of being racist. The conference was held while the jury of 12 decides if they will convict Dunn of murder in the first degree for the killing of Jordan Davis.

But video just released by John M. Phillips, the Davis family attorney, exhibits a differing perspective on Dunn’s demeanor.

In a statement, Phillips reveals his reason for releasing the video now:

In response to Mr. Strolla’s recent comments, I have been authorized to release this videotaped statement I took of Mr. Dunn’s former neighbor in the defamation/death lawsuit. Charles Hendrix lived next to Michael Dunn for 8 years.

And what Hendrix has to say just might surprise you.

“He was light and friendly and he laughed, but if you disagreed with him he would get boisterous and try to be overbearing and try to intimidate people with his size and voice.”

Hendrix continued:

“He appeared to me to be very selfish and there wasn’t much he wouldn’t do to get what he wanted and to get his way. Very arrogant.”

To see the rest of Hendrix’s statement on Dunn, including insight into Dunn’s tumultuous relationships with his wives and his estranged relationship with his son, watch the video above.

SOURCE: John Phillips

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