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As the jury hits nearly 20 hours of deliberation, media pundits and talking heads question what is taking the 12 designated members so long to convict or acquit Michael Dunn in the killing of Jordan Davis.

Not surprisingly, the conversation has turned to a case that sparked similar tensions — the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

It took a jury of six 16 hours to determine the “not guilty” verdict for the former neighborhood watchman — already the major difference between Zimmerman and Dunn’s case, which, by the end of Friday, will have marked three days of deliberation.

But defense attorney Cory Strolla says there’s more. In fact, Zimmerman and Dunn’s cases, he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo during a Friday interview, are extremely different.

There was a physical confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin, and police gave Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt about defending himself, Strolla said.

“My client did not wait to become that victim; my client did not wait to either get assaulted by a weapon or have someone potentially pull a trigger,” he said.

Unlike the Zimmerman case, police rushed to charge Dunn with murder, the defense attorney said.

“They already made up their mind before they even had the evidence basically looked at and put together,” he said.

The similarities, however, may just outweigh those differences. Both killed unarmed black teens in Florida. Both stood behind Florida’s controversial Stand your Ground law. And according to Strolla himself, both killed teens who belong to a “sub-culture of thugs.”

Watch the video above to see Strolla justify the use of the word “thug” and try to convince reporters that the term lacks racial undertones.


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