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Every Valentine’s Day, every publication posts their own individual V-Day playlist. We’ve done it plenty of times. (We’ve even posted a Singles Awareness Day one).

So coming into today, we had this question: how could we squeeze even more content out of this day?

And then it hit us: throwback posts always work. So here we are, with a Flashback Friday post for that ass.

This time, we’re going back 10 years, to 2004, when the air was fresher, the ladies were prettier, the food was tastier and the music was better.

OK, not really.

The music did jam, though. And there were plenty of songs that you could enjoy with your bae.

So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2014, let’s look back at what a Valentine’s Day 2004 playlist sounded like. This playlist includes jams from everyone from Chingy to 50 Cent to Outkast to Alicia Keys.


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