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This street performer had to take the law in his own hands when defending himself against angry racists.

According to the Scottish Express, street performer Melo was being interviewed for a special documentary for BBC.

The documentary, titled The Street, depicts encounters with residents on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. Melo, who was sharing his story with filmmakers, was interrupted by what appeared to be two intoxicated men. The men tease and taunt Melo, spewing racial slurs like “black bastard.”

Melo (who hails from Angola) tries to ignore the men, but as you can see in the video above, the situation escalates. After police come and arrest the aggressors, Melo tells filmmakers that racism isn’t new in Scotland.

“It’s not just in Glasgow, it’s everywhere,” he says. In a separate incident, Melo is abused again before revealing he experiences racism on a daily basis. “I am feeling sick, man. Since 1998, I’ve been abused everyday, that’s why I just feel like leaving. I need to be happy.”

The documentary aired Monday night and while it’s believed the street performer has left the country, viewers were upset that no one – including cameramen – tried to stop the attack.

Producers of the show fired back and claimed that it wouldn’t be realistic to edit out Melo’s attack and the drunk actions of other people on the show:

 “Public drunkenness and disorder are part and parcel of modern town centres. It would not be realistic to cut this from the series, given anyone who has ever been in Sauchiehall Street at night knows that is what happens, but it is largely seen in the context of the street pastors who are out and about trying to help people.”

What’s your take on the situation?

SOURCE: Scottish Express | VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube 

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