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We caught up with the cast of the new film Pompeii to get the scoop on the historic-minded action flick, find out what it takes to be a gladiator and discuss which cast member would win in a fight.

Pompeii is a tragic love story about a slave-turned-gladiator named Milo, aka The Celt. Milo finds himself pining after a rich young woman he can’t have. Fortunately for him, she feels the same despite the fact that she’s been promised to an evil Roman senator. And that’s not the only drama in his life. While gearing up for an important fight, Milo finds himself in a race against a huge volcano to save himself, his friend and the love of his life.

The film, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, stars Game of Thrones Kit Harington, Emily Browning, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and more.

But according to the cast, being a gladiator ain’t easy. They were forced to adhere to a strict diet and work out regimen; running around in gladiator sandals while wielding giant swords was no walk in the park.

To find out what exactly it took to get gladiator ready and more, check out the video above.

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