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The right people were in the right place at the right time to help save this baby’s life. 

According to the Daily Mail, Pamela Rauseo was driving down a Florida highway yesterday with her 5-month-old nephew Sebastian, when he suddenly stopped breathing. Frantic, Rauseo pulled over on the highway full of traffic and screamed out for help.

It was then that Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz, who was also in traffic, documented the people that rushed to her aid. Another Florida resident, along with two police officers, performed CPR on the baby, who has respiratory problems.

Lucia Godoy acted first, performing CPR while her son remained in the car. She tells reporters that she isn’t a hero and that anyone else would have done the same.

“I just saw this lady and the baby wasn’t breathing so I just held the baby and tapped him the back. she said. I just did what anyone else would have done. If there’s something wrong with your baby, you would want someone to help you.”

Diaz found police officer Amauris Bastidas on the highway. Bastidas, who normally stands patrol at a Florida mall, says that his training kicked in immediately.

“Saving someone’s life is my duty, my duty to act,” he tells reporters.

Baby Sebastian is currently at a Miami hospital in stable condition.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc.