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Michael Sam recently made headlines when he came out of the closet earlier this month, and his bravery may solidify him as the first openly gay NFL player, once drafted.

Although the Mizzou quarterback has been receiving some criticism for his decision to come out as an NFL prospect, he had the chance to step into the spotlight and set the record straight at the NFL Combine this weekend.

While speaking in a press conference at the event, he told the crowd how he really felt about all the talk of his sexual orientation:

“I wish you’d say, ‘Hey Michael Sam, how’s football going? How’s training going?’ I’d love for you to ask me that question,” Sam responded when asked if he wished his sexual orientation wasn’t a major story. “But it is what it is. I just wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam the football player, instead of Michael Sam the gay football player.”

He also admitted that he’d love it if people would just act normally around him:

“Everyone could be normal around me,” Sam told the press when asked about the atmosphere in the Mizzou locker room. “If they wanted to we would joke around, because it’s a brotherhood and it’s a family. We can say things to each other, and there’s no harm. We don’t draw blood. It’s all fun and games. If someone wants to call me a name, I will have a conversation with that guy, and hopefully, it won’t lead to nothing else.”

We really have to commend Michael for his courage!

SOURCE: Huffington Post, 

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