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When a new movie hits theaters, movie-goers spend their hard-earned money to see how much they’d enjoy the film and its cast — but would you check out a comedy film starring *drum roll* Dennis Rodman?

Rodman caused quite a stir earlier this year when he visited North Korea and became friends with their dictator Kim Jong-Un. Now, Tim Story, director of Ride Along, is hoping to turn Rodman’s trip into a film! 20th Century Fox pitched the idea of a comedy entitle Diplomats, inspired by Dennis Rodman’s mission to North Korea.

Offers are pouring in for Tim Story after the success of Ride Along, which earned $123 million domestically.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Wenn

Also in hip-pop, Oprah Winfrey has lost her selfie virginity. The media mogul attempted her first ever selfie this Saturday as she attended the NAACP Image Awards. But the single photo excitement was short-lived after Idris Elba photobombed her pic. Winfrey tweeted:

  “My first selfie. Love @idriselba! #imageawards”

Even Elba was shocked that he was Queen O’s first photobomber. The Mandela star tweeted:

“Did I just photobomb Oprah?!”

SOURCE: NY Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter 

As Oprah starts another phase in her life, another enterprise ends theirs. The popular call-in service Moviefone has decided to end their telephone-based operations next month to transition users and resources towards the Moviefone digital app.

The phone service rose to popularity after being spoofed by Kramer on an episode of Seinfeld. In 1999, the service, which has been on a steady decline since, was bought by AOL for $388 million.

Russ Leatherman, the Moviefone co-founder who voiced the service’s famous greeting, parted ways with the company last November.

When asked by Time what it was like to become famous as the voice of a culture, Leatherman replied:

“It’s been a total blast, but if I’ve heard my last ‘Do the voice,’ that’s O.K. too. I’m ready to work on new projects and get back to being an entrepreneur.”

Check out the infamous Seinfeld episode that helped Moviefone become the cultural icon it was…

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

Another example of art imitating life is upcoming film McCanick, starring the late Cory Monteith. In the film, Monteith plays a drug addicted convict who’s on the run from the police.

This is the last film that Monteith shot before his untimely death from a drug overdose. The film is set to hit theaters on March 7th. Check out a clip below: