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Bill O’Reilly is back in the hot seat, this time after suggesting that women aren’t fit to run the country because of… wait for it… emotions.

Proving once again that sexists are still using the same old tired excuse that always makes them look like idiots.

After Rep. Michele Bachmann (whose 2012 presidential campaign flopped) told the Fox news host she’s not sure Americans are ready for a woman president earlier this week, O’Reilly continued the discussion on Wednesday, asking two guests about their thoughts on women in the White House.

O’Reilly: There’s got to be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something – something that may not fit with that office, correct?
Kristen Powers:  I’m going to say no, Bill.
O’Reilly: So there is no downside to having a woman?
He continued, harping on the “sensitivity” of the delicate woman:
“Look, men are men and women are women. There is a difference, [Kate Obenshain]. There is a difference between the genders. Now men, they are tied up and a lot of them macho image and that kind of thing and they act like you are not going to push me around. That could be a deficit you know they are not as kind of open to sensitive discussion maybe as women. There’s got to be a downside for a woman. Do you know one?”
Oh, and then there was the argument that women are just not as strong:
“In general you both don’t see any gender deficiency to lead the free world…There haven’t been that many strong women leaders throughout history.”
And finally:
“All right you’ve got a woman of the President of the United States and the Mullahs say, ‘We are not going to deal with you. We don’t like you. We don’t think you are as good as men. The Muslim world does not accept equality. You know we’re not dealing with you.’ So right away there is a deficit there, no?”
What a way to bring in Woman’s History Month O’Reilly! To watch what we’re still trying to decide is a joke or not, click the video above.