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Earlier this week 13-year-old Cartrail Robertson was accidently shot in Memphis by his 15-year-old friend Darrin Wilson after they were playing with semi-automatic handguns.

Sad right? But the death has only brought more outrage from the shocking photos that have come to light. On Robertson’s Facebook several photos were found of Robertson proudly waving a semi-automatic gun, smoking pot, holding alcohol, and boastfully showing off a stack of hundred dollar bills. Ironically. one of these photos were posted moments before Robertson’s death.

Daily Mail UK reports:

His friends too have posted shocking images – in many of the pictures they appear to be waving semi-automatic weapons and in one staggering picture two teens are messing around with a handgun, pointing it towards a boys head.

Police have since closed the case as a “tragic death” but are investigating how the two teenagers came to have such weapons, drugs, and money in their possession.

Before the photos became apparent is was believed by police and neighbors that the weapons came from inside Robertson’s home. However the boyfriend of Robertson’s mother, who owns the home where the family lives, told police he doesn’t own any guns and is baffled as to how any got into Cartrail’s hands.

Neighbor Walter Holston spoke on Roberston’s too-soon death stating:

“Thirteen. Still a baby.”

SOURCE: DailyMail, ABC | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

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